• Brittany Luna

Be Your Own Brand

Do you know what I love about Uggs?

They are comfortable. They protect your feet from the harsh temperatures of New England. The inside fluff never seems to lose its fluffiness; but withstands it’s years and years of abuse. And regardless of the fact that they look like ugly, moon boots, people still buy them.


Because of their quality. Because of their incomparable characteristics that no other brand can copy. Sure I can buy some Bear Paws – but the fluff lasts for what, a month? I can also opt for an attractive shoe, but why would I subject my toes to frostbite just for my foot to look sexy?

Know what else I love?

That no matter how many people made fun of Uggs and their ugg-liness, they never changed. They stayed true to themselves because they believed in their unique characteristics and that they were a product of quality not just another knock-off brand of shoe. They were confident in what they brought to the table.

And those who make fun of Uggs, clearly have never had the opportunity to place their sockless, icicle-laden tootsies in the warm, cozy snug that is the Ugg.

Now let me ask you something. Would you prefer to be comfortable, warm, and hypothermia-free or would you rather lose a limb, an imperative part of yourself, to look better or how you think you’re supposed to look to everyone else?

The difference between an Ugg and a Bear Paw is that Uggs have remained Authentic. The rest have just been copy cats. And we, as humans subjected to societal influence, should strive to be like Uggs. Not like Bear Paws!

Authenticity is to be real; to be genuine; to not falsify or copy; to not change your brand simply because the rest of the market does. Authenticity is to remain true to your identity because the characteristics you bring to the table are there for a reason – and whether or not you know it, you comfort and warm people, too. Someone like you is needed in this world to make change, to influence, to help others grow in some form. But if you change who you are just because everyone decided to wear stilletos in the winter, what are those of us who still want to keep our feet snug as a bug in a rug to do? HOW WILL WE SURVIVE?

I’ve been hearing this word, “authenticity” for months now. And yes, mostly from my Guides, but from living people, too. In today’s world, it’s very easy to sway our ways to conform…to be liked…to do anything not to be seen as different. But why? What good is it to have a million people with the same personality, the same desires?

Each and every one of us was born with unique qualities, interests, skills, because they are needed. We all belong doing and living out the lives we crave deep within our souls, but so many of us live “false” lives because of what we were told to do or how to act and think. Could you imagine a world where we all did what we were meant to do, that fit who we truly are, rather than living an imitation of someone else?

It’s safe for me to say, I’ve always been “different;” never fully flowing with everyone else, but I tried so hard to be like them because I didn’t want to be the oddball.

And I was miserable.

People I dated dated me because they thought I was someone else; someone I wasn’t whatsoever. And what did that get me? Someone “loving” a different person. What’s the point of that? What is the joy of pretending to have certain interests or beliefs another does just to get them to like us? It defeats the point. Here you want them to like you so badly that you change who you are…so realistically you’re right where you didn’t want to be anyway – someone not liking you for you, but liking you for who you’re pretending to me.

Being our genuine selves goes far beyond our personal relationships, but spreads to our life’s purpose and the lives were supposed to be influencing by following our true calling. We weren’t given gifts just to throw them away; but to embrace them.

I look at life like a giant blue print of a magnificent castle being built. Each beam sketched into it is there for a purpose, to support the structure, to enhance the structure’s beauty. What happens when you take some of those beams away?

The structure can completely cave in.  It loses all that’s needed to support it. That glorious, magnificent castle loses its charm and splendor.

When we don’t embrace our unique gifts and follow our purpose, we allow the structure of what’s been built to fall because every single one of us is needed to help support this world with our abilities.

Where would music be if The Beatles never followed their musical passions?

What if Edison listened to others when they said the light bulb would never work?

What if Galileo said “screw it, no one will listen to my ideas,” and drank himself stupid with mead in his room?

They followed their passions; their beliefs, regardless of everyone elses’ thoughts and influenced the world in magical ways. They walked in line with their truth; living their authentic lives.

Each and every one of us has the ability to change the world, in a small way, or on a grander scale, just by stoking the fire that fuels us. When we ignore our truth, we turn away our Higher Self and the opportunities waiting for us to succeed in what we love.

When we mimic others out of fear of not being liked or well received being ourselves, we’re not just doing ourselves an injustice – but all of those who we could be reaching and influencing.

When I first opened my School for the Soul, I caught myself blocking who I was and allowing my “ways” of shining through to be dimmed solely because I thought I had to be more like my mentors or others in my industry because they were successful.

I was worried that having purple hair and tattoos might not look so good as a business owner; that being spunky and outgoing wasn’t “professional.”

Then I finally woke up. Clients come to me because of who I am. Students connect to my classes because I’m different, because I’m goofy and fairy-licious and make Spiritual work a fun and exciting adventure. The customers I attract are one’s who learn from me that it’s ok to be themselves, and what sick joke would that be if I’m preaching to people to be themselves and let their freak flag fly if I’m going to dye my hair back dark just to look more business like.

Those who walk through my door don’t walk through it because they like the person I’m mimicking or pretending to be like. They come for me and my ways of working.

There’s plenty of people on this planet who will not connect to who I am, and that’s why others’ in my industry exist.

Not being authentic in my ways wouldn’t benefit my business in anyway, because the people I thought I needed to be like already exist. They’re already doing their thing their way. By being me, I create more success for myself and am ultimately happier because I don’t have to hide. I’m my own brand.

No matter who you are or what you do– don’t hide your truth; don’t hide your unique characteristics solely because you don’t want to be seen in a different light than others’ around you. That different light is exactly where you need to be to shine.

Allow people to love you for who you truly are. Because they will.

Trust that being YOU will bring you more happiness and success than hiding it. YOU can influence others in more ways than you could ever imagine.

Be Authentic.

Be your own brand.

Be the Ugg.

Ok maybe not the Ugg, because then you wouldn't be being you. But you get the point.


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