• Brittany Luna

Being Enough

No matter the path we are on, we all have the same destination.

Regardless of our culture, our gender, our race or sexuality – we all want the same thing in life.



And for many of us, we spend so much time waiting for others to make us happy or give us the love that we seek.

In school and growing up, we are taught to find friends, connect with others, create a tribe. As important as it is to have that support system for ourselves, rarely are we taught that the greatest support and love must come from within. While we’re focusing on being apart of a group, we somehow get it mixed up that without a group of friends, without a tribe – we are nothing. That the stronger the bond and the larger our clique, the cooler or better we are.

We depend on others to define our status; to determine our worthiness.

As we get older, that deeply rooted belief that we can’t be “good enough” without the approval and acceptance of others carries into our adult relationships and love relationships.

We believe that if someone doesn’t want to be with us or finds us attractive that that somehow means that we aren’t attractive or worthy of love.

We give others all of this power to determine our worth; to set the tone for our belief of ourselves.

Why is it that we hand over all of this power to others? And in turn, we lose all of our personal power.

Why is it that we allow someone else to decide whether or not we are good enough, or skinny enough, or attractive enough, or smart enough?

Who died and made them the almighty decision maker?

Because the truth is – each and every one of you are enough. But it is up to YOU to know this.

Remember that the next time you are hurt over someone’s judgment of you. When you allow yourself to be hurt over their belief, you’re taking that belief on as your own.

Do you believe what they are saying to be true?

Or can you recognize your strengths and beauty and hold on to that personal power?

Others’ beliefs are not the truth. They are perceptions of an outsider.  

Take back your power and determine what YOU believe.

You are enough.

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