• Brittany Luna

Journey to Enlightenment

For the past year, as humans step forward on this path toward clarity and Spiritual transformation, many of my students have asked me what it means to reach “Enlightenment.” And with the Earth on the cusp of one of the most intense surges of transformative energy, I figured now would be a perfect time to touch upon this.

I try not to do too much research on any given topic, frankly. I took classes and read books years ago; but eventually things became too repetitive for me. So, I decided to remain a student of the energy, a student of my Guides and of Spirit and let them teach me what it is I need to know. I assure you, they never disappoint; and divinely time all of my lessons to match up to the ones teach shortly after. I point this out to you so you’re aware that the following information comes from Spirit (as told to me).

Enlightenment is a hot topic amongst the Spiritual. The way it’s talked about, it sounds like a seemingly impossible destination on a never-ending quest. While ultimately it is a vital component in our souls ascension, it’s not as unattainable as so many make it out to be. 

Strivers spend years in meditation, taking vows of silence, seeking answers and signs of their Enlightenment. But I find that no matter how much time you put into your quest, you’ll never reach the goal if you don’t stop to learn the lessons along the way.

Enlightenment is simply about clarity; having a clear understanding of our souls path and the lessons we’re learning along the way. We come to Earth to learn vital lessons; whether those lessons are in love, security, trust, etc. depends on where you are on your path; but we’re all learning the same lessons at some point in time. Unfortunately, so many of us get caught up in the human drama, we turn a blind eye to the empowering, Spiritual transformations that could occur if we just accepted the reality of our circumstances and saw them for what they are.

Here’s a perfect example:

Human "A" gets cheated on by Human "B".

Human "A" cries and keeps asking, “Why? How could B do this to me? WHY WOULD B DO THIS TO ME? WHAT DID I DO?”

The experience turns into a blame game; a series of 21 questions, all triggering those lessons.

The answer is simple. "B"’s cheating had nothing to do with "A". "B" cheating had everything to do with "B". The aftermath had everything to do with "A", and it was all divinely set up for "A" To. Grow. Not to cause "A" pain, not to cause "A" suffering and a lifetime of never trusting again, but a lesson to move "A" toward Enlightenment.

""B needed to learn their own lessons in love, relationships and figuring out what they want. "B"’s lessons are "B"’s lessons. Stop trying to figure "B"’s lessons out and let them be what they are.

"A", on the other hand, has lessons in empowerment, in self-love and relationships. "A" needed to learn the type of relationship "A" deserves and the type of people they are willing to accept in their lives. Perhaps "A" needed to trust their intuition, but didn’t that time. "A" is learning to love themselves enough to only accept people who treat them with unconditional love and respect.

Until "A" learns this lesson, these types of situations will continue for "A". Once "A" sees the reality, acknowledges the lesson and honors it to implement it into their life moving forward, "A" can place a check mark on the ol’ list of Spiritual lessons.

One step closer to Enlightenment. Why? Because "A" is seeing clearly the lessons of soul development; because "A" is recognizing that every soul has their own path and what another person does isn’t to you, but apart of their individual path.

Enlightenment is all about understanding the soul path and honoring that for everyone, not just yourself. It’s about not getting angry at your circumstances but learning from them to remove those obstacles from your life. Enlightenment is about not needing to know the “why” but understanding that there is a reason for everything; whether it directly affects you or not. It’s allowing yourself to be a student of the Universe without judgment or resistance.

Enlightenment is about rising above the drama, the murky waters of human behaviors and negative belief systems and floating beautifully like a lotus.

Many days I find my Guides whispering in my ear to “be the Lotus,” and for the longest time I never knew what the hell they were talking about. I’d whip around and go “BE THE LOTUS?” and get looks from people around me wondering why I wasn’t on medication for talking to the “air.” I found, with being more mindful, that the moments I heard the reassuring murmurs, my mind bantered with itself about “why,” and “how,” and “how dare they.” “Being the Lotus” was my Guides gentle reminder that the behaviors I experienced from others had absolutely nothing to do with me as a person, but everything to do with my growth toward Enlightenment. It’s my cue to step back and recognize the lesson. So when you’re finding yourself caked with the muck of drama, negative emotions, and questioning “why me?” stop and allow yourself to become the Lotus. Rise above for just a moment, wipe the murk from your eyes and allow yourself to see the situation for the lessons it brings for your growth. Not to mention the freedom that comes from recognizing that other people’s choices and circumstances are for their growth. Yours are yours.

Do not let the word “Enlightenment” intimidate you. While some believe it may take decades, or even lifetimes, to achieve, there is no time like the present. You can achieve Enlightenment in this lifetime. All it takes is a bit of mindfulness. Enlightenment doesn’t mean you’re better or more “worthy” than others for a Spiritually blessed life; you already have a Spiritually blessed life. Recognize it. Identify your lessons. Learn them. Apply them. Continue to Grow. With each conscious step you take toward learning, the closer you come to Enlightenment…to clearly seeing things from a higher perspective, from a Spiritual perspective. 

Sunday, September 27th marks the day that major shifts are going to occur sending every single one of us into an ascension shift. If you're working toward your Enlightenment, toward a peaceful, Spiritual existence and clarity you will surely see changes begin to unfold right before your eyes. I encourage you now more than ever to get yourself present and willing to learn the lessons that are before you. Seek clarity, release control. Allow change, oppose resistance. Welcome joy, say goodbye to fear. 

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