• Brittany Luna

Mercury's Back: Why She's Showing NO Mercy

Mercury’s at it again, folks! But fear not…she’s just about on her way out. At least until September 17th.

Those who pay attention to Mercury when she swoops in for the kill, notice that electronics act up, car check engine lights flash, moods shift, and everything is up in arms. But have you noticed that this particular Mercury is packing a little more of a punch than normal?

Perhaps your technology going awry is the least of your worries this time around. Have you had a killer headache? How about a nauseous, sour stomach? Dizziness or feeling like you could topple over at any moment? Not to mention the mood swings and exhaustion reeking havoc on your plan to try and enjoy these beautiful days we’ve been blessed with.

You’re not alone. But as much as it sucks, there’s actually a painfully beautiful reason behind what you’re experiencing.

If you’ve been following my Tarot Tuesday readings or my blogs, you may recognize that this year is a HUGE year for change and connecting with our soul paths. I’ve written about the Universe’s funny (and sometimes heart breaking) ways of moving us in the proper direction to fulfill our life’s purpose. And some of us need a little extra shove toward stepping into who we truly are. This year, we can all expect that Earth’s energy is making SURE we are making moves, whether we think we’re ready to or not. It’s bringing one of those “hold onto your seats” moments, but it’s lasting throughout the year…starting…..NOW. The beginning of the year was only the tee-up.

And now for Mercury…

For those who haven’t read my past post on Mercury going into Retrograde, the purpose is to bring up those things we’ve buried or aren’t focusing our attention on.   Well, let’s add that to the mix of the Universe bringing us closer to our life path. Those of us who have been fighting it or are still holding onto fears around it are in for one tough week (which thankfully ends on the 11th). And if you’ve been experiencing it, you can validate this for me.

I had to spend quite a bit of time “having a word” with my Guides about what the HECK was happening for me. They chuckled a bit, knowing my “demands” are merely my way of resisting lack of control of things, especially when it comes to my body. I did a lot of work to get my body energy in check. And I’ll be gosh darned if all of a sudden I’m feeling like absolute garbage, beyond exhausted, moody and having loads of tummy troubles. And then it hit me. Or rather, they hit me with the wake up call.

Stomach issues…fears… are all linked to our solar plexus energy. The solar plexus is like the control center of everything we are and everything we wish to be. Our solar plexus, if you ask me, holds our deepest connection to our soul (get it…soul-er plexus). But so many of us lack the empowerment or the belief in ourselves that we CAN become the amazing, strong, independent, successful humans we’re destined to be. And those fears and “un-beliefs” in ourselves are what causes that solar plexus energy to get stuck, stagnant, muddy and gross....triggering…you guessed it, tummy problems. So for those of you who are suffering sour stomach, anxiety stomach, GI issues of any kind, during this marvelous Mercury Retrograde time, guess what? It’s a wake up call for you. And as horrendous as it feels, it’s quite simply the Universe saying, “Hey…you have far more potential than you believe you do. Why are you so fearful of becoming the person you truly are or showing the world whom you truly are? What is making you believe you can’t be great? It’s time to step into your true self!” In a way, Mercury is like that supportive parent or grandparent telling you “you can be ANYTHING you want to be, as long as you believe in yourself!” But rather than just saying it (because the majority of us humans don’t listen to the Universe’s pushes and messages), Mercury has to show it to us in a not-so-subtle way. It’s just deciphering what that message really is. So while I was snapping and snipping at my Guides for allowing this to happen to me, my foot went directly into my mouth when I realized I was the one allowing this to happen to me. Here I am, venturing out on one of the scariest, most exciting times of my life, and there are unresolved fears that “I can’t do this! What the heck am I thinking?” And that’s why Mercury has decided to turn around and slap me across the mouth for having such thoughts. OF COURSE I CAN DO THIS. THIS IS MY PATH! And whatever your undertakings are, whatever dreams you have, whatever paths you have set forward on and still hesitate to completely submerge your feet into….YOU CAN DO IT TOO. You wouldn’t be where you are today if you couldn’t handle it. And I assure you, you can do far more. Success, abundance, love, prosperity, health are ALL in your cards, if you just believe in yourself and listen to your intuition (your soul) guiding you in the right direction. Listen to your soul-er plexus. The tummy troubles are just your soul writhing to be free and be seen for who you truly are and trying to release those fears and negative thoughts holding you back. And if you were as frustrated as me at Mercury, while it’s almost over, the message should be heard loud and clear. Not just so you have to re-experience this in September, but so you can start living the life you’re truly meant to be living.

You got this! And so do I! But if you need support or guidance, and in a little less-painful of a way than Mercury has provided, I’m just a phone call away. Until next time folks, good luck and many blessings.


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