• Brittany Luna

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Who do we see when we look into the mirror? We like to believe we see our true reflection, but we don’t. Our perception of ourselves is skewed. Perhaps we don’t like who or what we see – or we do. Maybe we notice our imperfections, and almost never do we recognize the beauty in ourselves. And that’s only on the surface – as far as the eye allows us to see.

When it comes to discovering who we truly are, to actually see ourselves, we need to step away from the reflection in the bathroom – and look at the reflections of ourselves that exist in the relationships surrounding us. Those we attract into our lives are there to show us our true selves.

My guides love teaching me lessons. One of the biggest lessons I learned this month (coincidentally the month we associate with love!) was about the reflections of myself within others. Because like attracts like – vibe attracts vibe.

As always, it was interesting how my lesson was revealed.  I realized that I have never dated my “type.” We all have a type – the people we’re most attracted to. Yet, I’ve never in my life dated that “type.” I questioned my Guides, “Why the heck is that?”

Of course, they laughed. Then replied, “Your type is the person you strive to be, and have worked on becoming for years. You weren’t that person then. But you are now.”

Suddenly I understood.

Many of those of whom I’ve dated had deep rooted self-love issues. And so did I. I lacked some serious energy in the Solar Plexus and Heart Center – as did they. Our vibes matched because we needed each other to feel “love”; to get that external validation that we were worthy of being loved. Realistically, neither one of us were capable of the love we deserved; we were what each needed for that time frame. Throughout each of those relationships, I grew tremendously; I came into my personal power, found myself and grew in that immense self-love enough to know what I deserved. I deserved “my type.” I’d become “my type.” And by becoming my type, I can now attract my type.

To those who question why you ended up with “another one like that” – gaze into the metaphorical mirror that is your relationship and ask what lessons they’re bringing to the forefront. Lack of empowerment? Need for self-love? Ability to stand on your own? Finding the power behind your voice? Trusting your instincts?

No matter the question – relationships always reveal the raw truth, and allow us to know and discover our genuine self.

Peace, love and pixie dust!


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