• Brittany Luna

Spiritual "Symptoms" of the September Shift

Tired? Groggy? Head in the clouds or full of fog? Irritable, dizzy and down right feeling like crap?

Welcome to the New Age! Haha just kidding...sort of. 

In all seriousness, these symptoms are not being felt all around the planet just because everyone’s having a bad day or in a tough place in life. It’s happening because our bodies are responding to some powerful New Age energy.

The time of people subtly feeling the shifts in vibration on the Earth from Full Moons, New Moons, and other Astrological phenomena have come and gone – we are now smack dab in the middle of an Energy Apocalypse, my friends; one where we are all feeling the effects. So, sorry to those “muggles” who believed that many of us “sensitive souls” were full of hullaballoo when the planets shifted, cuz ya’ll are feeling it too. There’s no denying it. You just might not be fully aware of what it is.

Things are getting nutty. From major chaos in our personal lives to uproars going on outside of our little bubbles. And at the end of this month (September, 2015) it’s going to amplify ten fold.

For decades, we’ve been feeling the energetic waves of change; slowly shifting our gears and perceptions to a more Spiritually based outlook. But only recently have we seen an influx in paranormal phenomenon, holistic and spiritual industries taking over medicine and religious movements, and more people connecting to a “New Age” belief system. Why? The energy is opening us up as a human race to the Universal truths.

Anxiety has become an epidemic, along with ADHD, depression and a slew of other mental and emotional disorders. Why? Because the shift in energy across the Universe is going from waves to a tsunami and people are feeling it.

Am I scaring you? I certain don’t mean to be. Frankly, I don’t think excited is the word I can use to explain how pumped I am for this massive shift in consciousness. If I’m not scared, you certainly shouldn’t be. I mean, who doesn’t want to be more inline with their higher self and the Universe?

For those who have been doing “the work” (as in focusing on a Spiritual path, connecting to ones self, Spirit, Universe, whatever it may be), they will start to notice intense shifts in their own consciousness, as well as soaring forward on their own individual pursuits. For those who have neglected such a thing or have paid no mind, they will still experience transitions, but in a more subtle (and maybe even not so subtle) manner. The difference here will be mindfulness of ones present state of mind, emotions, and body.

So…what does this all even mean?

Well it starts with the cosmic shifts that are taking place on the planet. We all have felt the effects of a Full Moon: even doctors can’t deny that (just ask someone who works in the ER); but that’s only a portion of how the cosmos affect us. When there are big planetary happenings, we can anticipate big earthly human happenings.

This month; we have a Blood Moon, a Blood Moon Eclipse, a Solar Eclipse and major transitions in some of the planets moving in and out of line with Earth. Many intuitives and astrologists have predicted that because of such intense transitions in our planetary energy, the Earth’s frequency will actually increase 2-3Hz. That means we can expect shifts in consciousness, awareness and our intuition (yayyyy!)

But that also means there’s potential for world disasters, heated political battles and more opportunities for people to have to stand up and fight for what they believe in. It comes with the territory of transitioning into our higher selves and working toward creating a better place to exist. We will collectively be experiencing a leg up toward Ascension.

What might you feel?

Well, when we transition closer to our Higher Self, we can experience any one (or more) of the following:


It’s all about out with the old, in with the new. In order to let in the good, we have to release the bad. And purging can include vomiting, stomach issues, letting go of material things or an intense need to “spring clean,” and cut toxic people and relationships out of our lives.

Growing Pains

Literally. Your soul is growing; you’re expanding your consciousness. You may feel neck pains, joint pains, and muscular pains – all in the name of Spiritual growth, my friends! So slap a SalonPas on and breathe with it.

Intense Emotions

Cuz who doesn’t love becoming erratic for no reason? If you’re getting hit with ups and downs in vibration, your body is simply adjusting to a new way of being and feeling. Don’t worry – it won’t last. Meditate and do things to find peace and allow it to work its course. If things of the past come up for you, honor them and heal from them rather than burying them deep into your gut.

Crying or Leaking

It looks and feels just as cute as it sounds! Maybe your nose runs randomly; maybe your eyes are on constant flood mode. Allow the leakage to happen. Your body is releasing old energy to prepare for this shift. Crying also goes hand in hand with the up and down emotions.

Issues with Sleep

You used to sleep like a baby and now you’re up at random hours of the night. What is this nonsense?! Your mind is active and your creative juices are flowing. Pick up a pen or take out your laptop and start journaling. It’ll help. Sleeping too much or having intense dreams? That’s your Higher Self sending you important messages through the only time you’ll listen – while you’re asleep!

Ungrounded/Heightened Anxiety

Nothing screams comfort like the possibility of toppling over at any second. Your head’s in the clouds, your brain’s foggy, and you keep walking into things, dropping things and stubbing your toes.  Breeeeeeeathe and ground yourself into the Earth. Walk barefoot and connect to Earth. Meditate. Pull your energy down from your head. You will find balance and a sense of calm by doing so. But feeling ungrounded when you’re typically grounded is just a “symptom” of the shift. Oodles of energy vibrating all around you that you’re not used to can’t cause anxious feelings. Let your body acclimate to the new energy.

Intense Urges for Life-Altering Changes

So you woke up and decided to leave your job, move across the country or dump your significant other? No Big Deal. It’s your new way of taking ownership of the life you want to be leading. It’s all about making changes, some of which are scary. So roll with that intense, untapped, out of character energy and allow it to take you to your true life’s calling! After all, this is what that this shift is all about – becoming who we truly are.

As frightening as those “symptoms” may sound, they are quite normal. And while they may seem “negative,” that’s only our perception of it. It’s your body’s natural way of adapting to the amazing surge of consciousness that’s coming. 

Be prepared to see things clearer, feel things deeper and become things greater. As long as we are mindful of where we are now, this whole awakening Spiritually “thing” will be a breeze. It’s about honoring our reality, attending to our needs without judgment, and allowing the motions to come and take us where we need to be.

 I, for one, can’t wait! Not only will it benefit us as individuals on our own paths, but help humanity and the planet shift into a more peaceful and loving place. So WOOHOO! Let’s get ready for this crazy consciousness party and allow ourselves to shed those layers of fear blocking us from change and opportunity!  


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