• Brittany Luna

Spirituality in the "New Age"

“I’m so Spiritual.” “That’s so Spiritual.” “I really need to be more Spiritual.”

Ever hear someone say something along those lines? Yeah? Maybe you’ve even said it yourself.

But what the heck does “Spiritual” even mean? This has been an on-going build up of thought in my head, and today, a conversation with one of my friends sealed the deal. So without further ado, let's discuss this “Spiritual” thing in today’s “New Age.”

There’s an interesting stigma around Spirituality. Depending on who you’re talking to or what you’re reading, “Spiritual” can mean a number of things. So, I asked around to get some insight on what people believed “Spiritual” meant and was surprised to see just how different some of the responses were.

o "You are obsessed with Religion and Religious beliefs"

o "You’re evil"

o "You’re a tree-loving, hippie stoner who wears hemp and attends drum circles"

o "You’re a vegan or a vegetarian"

o "You’re weird"

o "You’re a witch"

o "You’re atheist"

o "You’re grounded and believe in spiritual things"

o "You do yoga, meditate and only eat clean"

o “I dunno, you do what you do – talk to Jesus and Angels and put your hands on people and stuff” – my favorite.

All of these made me laugh. Some of them are true, some of them could be depending how you bend it…and others are way off.

Foremost, Spirituality has nothing to do with Religion. You can be Religious AND Spiritual, depending on what your belief systems are, but you don’t have to believe in any sort of Religion to be Spiritual. In fact, you don’t have to believe in God either.

Spirituality means believing in something greater than yourself. It means believing in the energy that lives in, on, around, above, and below you. It means believing that you have a soul that exists within your physical body that can be heard, felt, and seen. Spirituality means believing you have a purpose here on this Earth; that you aren’t just existing without meaning.

Whether or not you believe in a Higher Power is entirely up to you and it doesn’t make you any more or any less Spiritual.

“Spirituality is evil.” That is a statement that makes me throw my head back and guffaw. While I do believe that evil exists in this world, and those who “are evil” or ill intentioned can possibly have “Spiritual beliefs,” I believe pairing “evil” and “Spiritual” creates an oxymoron. Spiritual people understand that energy is interconnected; meaning what I do affects those around me. Therefore, if I plan to surround myself by negative or “evil” energy, it’s going to jack up my own swag – so why would I? So frankly, while I understand that some Spiritual people may be a little “flighty,” they aren’t stupid. They know how energy can affect their own lives.

“Tree Loving, Hippie stoner.” This was another great one. The way it was stated sounds oober judgmental, I have to say. And people are really in love with labels. But if you look at those labeled cliché “tree loving, hippie stoners,” a lot of them are Spiritual. Not all Spiritual people smoke weed. And not all Spiritual people wear tie-dye. But Spiritual people, once again, understand the energy around them…which includes nature. They respect Earth and Earthly things. And if that means banging on a drum naked under the moonlight to show their respect to the planet that homes us, then Right. On.

Vegan or Vegetarian makes you Spiritual? I’m not answering this. Solely because I’m busy eating a bloody burger.

Weird, Witch, Atheists.

Weird is a perspective. Some people think I’m weird. I think I’m weird. Others don’t think I’m weird. So weird isn’t a term we can use here.

Witch – do you know what a witch actually is? It means you are a master of energy around you and you respect Nature. So in many ways, a lot of us are witches, aren’t we?

Atheists – Like I said, you don’t have to believe in God or a Higher Power. But you believe in Soul, Spirit, Higher Self.

“Grounded with a belief in Spiritual things”  I assure you not all Spiritual people are grounded. You can be an extremely Spiritual person as far as your beliefs go, but completely miss the boat on practicing the care of your own mind, body and soul. Being grounded is an awareness and practice not all Spiritual people have. But many do.

Yoga, meditation and only eating clean – Yoga is a wonderful method of grounding and connecting your mind, body and soul as one. As is meditation. Meditation allows you to quiet your mind to hear your soul (or Spirit or whomever you’re connecting with) loud and clear. These are both very Spiritual practices, but not everyone who is Spiritual actually does something to clear their minds.  

And last but not least, my favorite: “Talk to Jesus and Angels and put your hands on people and stuff.”

Being Spiritual doesn’t mean you’re a psychic/medium or a healer. Healers, psychics and mediums are all Spiritual, however, because to do that kind of work you have to have a Spiritual belief system. This does NOT mean you are a Spiritualist. THAT is its own belief system just as Paganism, Buddhism, or Christianity is. You can be Spiritual but not follow all of the beliefs of a Spiritualist Church.

Spiritual people recognize a greater picture. They open themselves up to understand meaning behind things most of us find “negative” and they appreciate “serendipity.” They believe everything happens for a reason; good, bad or indifferent. The laws of the Universe are like their version of the 10 Commandments.

They seek out methods of healing and review experiences for their lessons. They strive to grow and develop, while accepting that we never do stop growing, even if we fail to recognize it. Spiritual people don’t just feed their bodies to survive, but need to nourish their souls with knowledge and experience. This is as important of a survival method as eating; without it, we'd feel ourselves slowly dying. It's because Spiritual people understand that caring for our mind and our soul is just as important as taking care of our physical body.

Not everyone is born Spiritual or recognizes their beliefs as such. Some never awaken to a Spiritual belief system; and some seek it out after they feel they’ve hit rock bottom. Some may have the beliefs, but are still working up the strength to implement the call to connect to their true purpose.

So before you point your finger and dub “Spirituality” evil or weird, understand that Spiritual people are on a quest of bettering themselves and of stepping into their true potential and purpose. They’re on an amazing journey of self-discovery and fulfillment. Doing what you’re connected to and allowing yourself to heal and find empowerment in all circumstances in your life is not weird or evil. It’s Bad. Ass. And isn’t that what most of us strive for? To be connected to ourselves and find happiness and peace in all aspects of our lives? So really, we’re all at least a little bit Spiritual. It’s all just how we go about it.

I do hope this cleared the air or provided some insight into what Spirituality really is. Until next time folks!


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