• Brittany Luna

The Waiting Game

The other day I found myself in conversation with a man I’d never met before. We got on the topic of careers and he asked me what it is I do for a living. I explained to him that I’m a Spiritual healer and I work with Spirit to help people in many different ways. 

He looked at me and said, “Can you tell me when I’m going to die?” 

This is a question I receive regularly, and normally I’m quite quick to respond, “Ugh, no! It doesn’t work like that!” But this time, an answer came out of my mouth that I’d never used, nor expected. 

I responded, “Will that change your life any?”

He thought about it and said, “Well yeah. I would change a lot of aspects of my life.”

And I told him (or I should say Spirit worked through me on this one), “Then your message today isn’t about when will you die, it’s about when will you start to live.”

Humans play the waiting game. 

We wait until we find out we aren’t healthy anymore to live a healthier lifestyle. 

We wait until the person we’re dating does something terrible before we leave them, even though we knew they weren’t for us to begin with.

We wait until the company we work for shuts down before we leave it, even though we hated working there. 

We wait for someone to tell us we’re dying to open up our eyes and truly start living.

And why is that? We do we sit and wait? What is it that we’re actually waiting for? And what is it about death that makes us realize we wasted an entire lifetime to actually do the things we want to do? 

I’ve read countless stories of people’s passing and their final words to their loved ones before they cross over. Almost always, they have words of regret and “wishing” they actually did something with their lives or experienced things that they never had the chance to.

The thing is, they did have the chance to. They just didn’t take the opportunities handed to them. Either out of fear or out of being blind to the opportunity being there in the first place.  

Many use the phrase, “God (Spirit, Universe, Angels…what every you want to call “it”) works in funny ways.” But are they that funny? Or are they carefully, divinely planned out opportunities we automatically see as negative roadblocks, “failures” or problems in our lives. 

When something goes “wrong” in our life, is it actually going “wrong?” Or is it just different from the plan we had in our minds of how we wanted it to pan out? Spirit places “roadblocks” or “failures” in our lives to get us back on track to what they know is our life-path and a track toward fulfillment and success.

Spirit works to validate what we already know.

Lets look at a person who hates their job. You’ve been at the same company for 5 years…or maybe 25 years. You dread going into work every single day. But it pays the bills. You have a 401K and benefits, so why would you leave it? Especially after being there for so long…who would hire you now? Right?

And you notice that more regularly than not, things hit the fan at the office. Your boss is a jerk, your co-workers are miserable; everything about the job continuously grows more toxic for your well-being.

You find yourself asking “why?” “how?” “how can this possibly be getting worse than it already has been?!”

But you stay anyway.

And nothing ever changes.

You spend the rest of your life sitting in that same cubicle, unhappy with your career. And rather than seeing the reality of the situation: Spirit giving you more validation why you should leave your job… you stick with it.

You knew a year into the job that you wouldn’t be there for long. It was a stepping stone to what you really wanted to “do” or “be.” But suddenly years have flown by and you’re in. This is it for you. This is where it ends. A job you never really wanted while the opportunities to leave, to further your education, to do more whir by the outside of those office walls. And then after all that time…the promised promotion is given to the new girl. Are you kidding me? After all the time you put in? Because it’s not your path. It’s not what you’re meant to do. But you don’t see it that way. You see it as a horrible treatment of employees and you’ll sit there and hate your boss forever, but you’ll still sit there!

And then…five years after that…the company shuts down on you. That’s right. They close. They lay off everyone. So after ALL THIS TIME you’ve spent hating your job, how COULD THEY DO THAT TO YOU?

Did they though? Did they do it to you? Or is this a divine way of Spirit pushing you out the door…home free…with a fresh chance to go back and do what you’d wanted all along?

But now you’re upset because you wasted so much time there and this is what you get.

OR it’s a new opportunity. Yeah, maybe you should have listened all those years ago when you knew you’re life path and perhaps you wouldn’t have gone through all of that stress and toxicity, but it’s a lesson in listening to yourself and seeing the hints from Spirit for what they are: reality checks and shoves in the right direction.

Those who receive these messages and hints from Spirit and actually take the leap never seem to come out disappointed, do they? You may say, “they’re just lucky” or “that was a miracle” or “yeah, well that wouldn’t be how it worked for me.”

How do you know if you’ve never tried? Because the fact of the matter is, Spirit wants everyone to succeed. Spirit wants everyone happy. But it’s those that listen and take the plunge that get to see these great messages and experiences play out.

When things go awry, it’s not because the Universe is out to get you. It’s not because you have a curse on you and you’re doomed for misery.

It’s because Spirit is trying to push you in a new direction in life…a direction that will allow you to Truly. Start. Living.

It’s about waking up and seeing the messages all around us. Whether you’re having a conversation with a stranger and they say one simple phrase to make you realize things need to change, or whether you’re life is “falling apart” because you’ve been going down the wrong road this entire time; Spirit will do what they need to get you to WAKE UP and stop hitting the snooze button on your life. When the first alarm goes off, yes it might startle you, but THAT’S the time to wake up…no matter how much you want to resist. The longer you hit snooze, the later you are to life. Do you want to wait some more until you’re on your deathbed and realize you haven’t lived?

My message today is about looking at the satisfaction you have in your life. If the doctor told you today you had 6 months left to live, what would you change? If nothing – then you’re doing it right and I commend you. If you have a laundry list – then I suggest you stop hitting snooze. Take the “bad” stuff happening as a hint from the Universe that it’s time to make change and time to move on. You can do it now, or you can wait. But what exactly is it that you’re waiting for? If it’s for a golden opportunity to do anything…then you’re missing it. Spirit’s validating why you feel the way you do. That is your golden message. And the message is “NOW.”


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