• Brittany Luna

Transience: Going With the Flow

As a kid, I didn’t know much or pay attention to much. But the things I did know, I felt with every fiber of my being. 

I knew I wanted to help people. I knew I wanted to own my own business helping others. I believed in magic and the power of the unseen and I wanted to immerse myself in it. And I wanted to be a writer. 

I remember being 7 or 8 years old sitting in my bedroom and making up client sheets for the clients that were going to be coming to the space my dad would be building for me over our barn. I called it “Sunblast Salon” and I just KNEW with EVERYTHING that it would be my place. I had a logo. I had a menu of all the exquisite services I had, including “very special ones that not many people offered.” It was a place people could go to relax, to be themselves, to leave feeling better. And it was all mine.

Lets fast forward to twenty years later. Here I sit, in my bedroom, drafting up the client sheets for the new clients coming to my new space. A space where people can come to relax, to be themselves and to feel better. A space that’s all mine.

At this place I help people. At this place, magic happens and the unseen resides, working with me to help heal and connect others to themselves and to loved ones. I’m submerged in the healing energy day in and day out…and now it will be at a place that is all my own. And of course, here I am writing. 

All of the things that I KNEW as a child, those things I was convinced would happen no matter how much my brother made fun of me and told me it wouldn’t happen….are happening. They are here. And I couldn’t be more excited. (Or impressed with my manifesting skills as a child! Ha!) 

So before I really “start” this blog post, I wanted to share that reflection that warms me to my core solely because it validates the power of believing in yourself and believing that you can make your dreams come true. And I want to thank each and every one of you for being part of this incredible journey I’m on. You’ve all touched me in so many ways, helped my growth and taught me things you may not even realize.

 Come July (2015), I'll be opening the doors to my very own center. Journeys: School for the Soul is a place for you to come be with others on a similar path. I’ll continue to offer healings and readings, along with some amazing practitioners joining me for the ride. We also have a calendar chock full of classes to help you develop your intuitive skills, connect to healing energy (Reiki certification) and learn about progression of the soul. It’s SOUL SCHOOL! I encourage you to check out the new website www.journeyssoulschool.com for information, class line-up and more. But I couldn’t go another day without thanking you from the very bottom of my heart.

            With that said…

 As a kid I knew things. I didn’t know much, but like I already told you, what I did know…I KNEW. You couldn’t tell me otherwise. But there were many, many, many things I didn’t know; or at least didn’t understand. And as I’ve gotten older and really spent a lot of time getting to know myself and working with Spirit, I’ve started to understand reasons behind many of the experiences I didn’t quite “get” growing up. Recently I learned one of the biggest lessons to date from my Guides in Spirit. 

You see, growing up, I moved quite a bit. If I’m counting correctly (which I'm most likely missing a move or two), I moved over 20 times in the past 15 years.  That’s A LOT of moving! I lived here, I lived there…I never was able to put down “roots” long enough in one place. And it proceeded to eat away at me until just recently. For the past few years, all I wanted was to stay in a place long enough to hang my coat and relax, feel at home for a while. Many people didn’t understand how important it was for me to “have a home” or what it even meant for me to “have a home.” Constantly being uprooted does a doozy on your root chakra if you let it. And I did. I kept asking my Guides, “what the heck? When am I going to have a place to just be at HOME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! YOU'RE DRIVING ME NUTS! ALL THIS MOVEMENT!” Until finally I received an answer…and one I did NOT expect, mind you.

I sat in meditation, not sure what Team Quagan would have in store for me that day. I opened the door to my Upper Room, and one of my primary Guides I work with regularly sat at this table waiting for me. I took a seat next to her and listened.

“You question why you have yet to put down ‘roots’ anywhere? Why you do not have a ‘home?’” she asked me.

“Uhh…YEAH,”I snarkily responded. “It’s getting annoying!”

“Might you define what ‘home’ means?”

“You know…a home…A place I can sit down and put my feet up and live and be relaxed and happy and stuff…” I didn’t know how to answer that really.   

“Are there any places  where you find you feel that way?” 

I thought about it and shrugged. Sure, there were a few places, actually. Including the one I currently lived in. I didn’t say anything to her though.

She smiled, because of course, I forget these peeps can read my mind (ugh!) “So let’s look at this realistically, shall we?” she continued. “You don’t have just one home. You have more than one home. You have connected with many people where essentially you feel at home anywhere you go, do you not?” 

I wasn’t sure. Did I not?

“Do you ever feel uncomfortable or where you don’t belong anymore?”

No. I didn’t. Not anymore at least.

Rose (my Guide) then showed me when I first began this frustration with not putting roots down anywhere.  At that time in my life, I was completely uncomfortable with EVERYTHING about my life. My job, my friends, my family, my anxiety…my complete detachment from who I truly was and my higher self. All of that uneasiness and unsteadiness kept me ungrounded, uprooted. It wasn’t actually where I was located physically, but where I was mentally/emotionally and Spiritually that had me feeling that way.  But the belief it was the “where” stayed with me,  I never stopped to realize I already was at home. Where I am today, in all aspects of my life, IS home. I’m connected to who I am and can be grounded in my life and in my physical body wherever it is that I go. 

“We taught you at a young age a little thing called transience,” she smiled.


“When one is transient, they are in one place for a fleeting moment.”

“How is that good?”

“If you are hunkered down in one place for too long, how do you expect to shift and flow with the energy tides as they come and go into your life? You would become too deeply rooted, too fearful to ever leave the nest as it gets more difficult to do the longer you allow yourself to stay in one place.”

Rose then showed me a plant, rooted deeply into the ground. It's roots stretched out for miles as it clearly had been there for ages. Suddenly, a surge of water came in like a flood and completely drowned the plant. It couldn't escape the swell.

 “Had its roots been able to easily lift, had it been transient, the plant would have been carried away with the current and moved gracefully to a new place to grow further.”

I understood. 

My life path is full of movement, full of change and travel and unexpected excitement. I spent years angry that I couldn’t set my roots down long enough in one place, not even realizing the gift I was really given. I know so many people petrified to make change in their lives because they’re so accustom to one way of life, one location. The idea of movement and change petrifies them, yet everyday my life changes and every year I take leaps and bounds – all plunging me in a forward motion. 

 Transience. The ability to ebb and flow with the tides as they come in and out of my life. They don’t drown me or scare me, but we move together. I lift my roots and allow the energy of Spirit to carry me where it is I need to be next.

There is a great difference between being rooted and rooting yourself. When we root ourselves, we stop ourselves from moving freely with any floods that may come and surprise us. When we are rooted, we are grounded, we are connected, we recognize where we came from but know that no matter where we rest for the time being, we have a home in where we feel comfort, love and joy; and most importantly, when the floods of change from Spirit come, we move with them with ease. 

 I know what Spirit has in store for me. And ten years ago, I’d faint at the idea of what’s to come. But I’ve changed greatly. I have strengths that I recognize and I’m comfortable and confident in who I am. Transience comes naturally for me because Spirit blessed me with getting accustom to it early. So now, we flow in sync with one another. They say go left, I stop and move. They say go right, I spin around and float. Resisting it years ago caused me to drown. Embracing it today has allowed me to fly. 

With that said, my friends, stay transient. Flow where the Universe takes you. Don’t fear pulling your roots up and drifting with the current. You’ll always be brought to a place of growth and nurturing. And I hope that one of your stops is at Journeys: School for the Soul. Because Spirit knows I never expected THAT to be in my path….but being transient sure made this an easy and exciting new chapter. 

 Until next time!




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