• Brittany Luna

Vibe Tribe: Out With the Old, In With the New

Over the last six months, my life's theme has been “out with the old, in with the new.” At first, I was saddened and almost uncomfortable with that concept.

Out with the old? 

Why would I want to discard of things, people, situations (etc, etc…) in my life that are just fine?

I mean, I understand getting rid of things that no longer serve my greatest and highest good – but what about those things/relationships that are seemingly going well or are indifferent in my life?

It didn’t make sense to me. Until, of course, I had a chat with my Guides about what the heck was going on.

I’m all about change. With what they’ve thrown at me in the last few years, change is something I flow with easily. Transience – remember? (click here for post on Transience). It’s a huge lesson learned on my path. But as I’ve so graciously learned in working with Spirit, the lessons never stop coming. And when a new lesson hasn’t made itself abundantly clear, and sh*t is hitting the fan whilst spraying back at me on a daily basis, my eyebrows raise and it's time to get the 411 from my peeps on the high-vibing plane. If you’ve read my past posts, you know darn well my Guides seem to get a kick out of making me squirm…But why you ask? Why would these Divine beings love seeing me lose my marbles? Because my Guides and I have a relationship like that. I’m snarky, they’re snarky. We work well together. Because in the end, I always learn what I’m supposed to and we laugh together at the ridiculously mischievous messages/lessons they give me to keep me on my toes.

While learning transience was such oodles of fun for this former control freak, learning the truth behind “out with the old, in with the new,” may have been (and continues to be) even trickier for me.

I quickly and almost effortlessly acclimated myself to the new lifestyle of working as an intuitive healer and teaching spiritual development classes rather than a 9-5 insurance gig last year. Quite frankly, I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life at this point. I made my own schedule, had time for social and extracurricular activities, took me time, and worked hard on my personal spiritual growth. Things were going SO well….a little tooooooo well…..

…And suddenly, like a bat out of hell, Spirit tells me it’s time to expand my business. “What? No. That’s impossible. I’m no where near ready to open a store front. You guys are freaking crazy.”

…And they respond….”Oh yeah?”

…And a dance studio moves next door to the salon I work out of…RIGHT next to my healing room. Because everyone wants to listen to hip hop banging through the walls while getting a Reiki healing. And everyone wants the sound of little tap shoes going bananas on the floor to wake them from deep meditations.

…And then stylists and clients start making more noise….disturbing sessions and interrupting classes.

“I see what you guys are doing,” I argue. “.…and its not working. I’ll just schedule around the dance studio and the other employees.”

“HA!” they scoff.

…And an abrupt drop in class enrollment occurs, followed by fewer clients booking appointments.


Spirit was literally pushing me out of the salon. Because I’d outgrown it, whether I was ready to admit it, recognize it, or not.

Spirit said jump. I said no. They fought back. Now I was backed into a corner.

I had no choice but to bite my lip and rip that Band-Aid off. So, that’s exactly what I did.

I said “OK FINE! SEND ME THE PERFECT SPACE IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS AND THAT LEASE BETTER BE SIGNED AND MARKETING THINGS READY TO GO BEFORE MAY 30 SO I CAN PROMOTE IT AT THE EXPO.” (Don’t get judgey – my Guides and I talk to each other like that. They’re demanding, I’m demanding – It works.)

That next morning, I found the place. The following day, the lease was signed. On May 30th, my marketing material was completed and the day of the expo, I was ready to go. Hmmm….interesting right?

The address of my new place is 55. I looked that up in my Angel Numbers book…guess what it means. “Out with the Old, In with the New.”  HA-HA. VERY FUNNY, GUYS.

Everything seemed to just Divinely line up. Boost in clients, boost in class registration, bing, bang, boom. Alright guys, I see what you did there.

A place I felt very comfortable in (literally and emotionally/mentally) was no longer serving my greatest and highest good – even though I wasn’t recognizing it. It wasn’t going bad. It just was time to break free and continue to grow.

Team Quagan (my Guides) explained to me that as I’ve grown quite rapidly over the past year and a half, I forget that with growth comes a massive shift in vibration. Followed by a “duh – you teach this stuff everyday” (God, they’re so SNARKY!!). People, places, things, experiences in your life MUST match the vibration you put out. Good vibes = good times. My vibe rose. Case in point. My life had to readjust to match that vibe. Nothing has to go wrong for things to change. Our life just merely has to switch gears to match what we put out. And for me, as scary and unexpected as it was, it was time to grow just as I have.

This goes for people, too. New vibes = new tribes.

This one was/is the most painful. We grow. That’s just a fact. And sometimes our friends who we’ve had for our entire lives don’t grow at the same rate as us. And that’s OKAY. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your old friends or anything wrong with us. It means we’ve outgrown them on an energetic level. I lead a spiritual lifestyle now, I think in different ways than many people I grew up with. I’ve since attracted many like-minded folks into my life. Because they match my vibe. That doesn’t mean I have less love for my old friends than my new friends. It just means they won’t be in my life as much or at all in some cases. Your vibe will match your tribe. And now-a-days my tribe is filled with much more like-minded people on spiritual quests. Those not on the same wavelength tend to fall off slowly but surely. And while I was partly heartbroken over it, I realized that just means I’m doing exactly what we come on this Earth to do – GROW. So instead of cry, I patted myself on the back. (YOU GO GIRL! KEEP ON VIBIN’ HIGH!)

There is some real truth in the phrase, “you’re a product of your environment.” However in my belief, our environment is a product of ourselves. WE create what our environment is; whether that’s our work place, our emotional disposition or our circle of friends.

Sometimes it happens so seamlessly and quickly, it can take us by surprise. Don’t be disheartened by friends leaving your life (whether new or old). They grace our lives with their beautiful presence to teach us lessons and to show us things we wouldn’t otherwise see; including the validation that our vibe really does match our tribe.

My message to you today is to simply take a look at what’s going on in your life. Are you upset because people you love and trust are coming and going? Are you feeling off kilter because things are going awry at work? Are you emotional, angry or sad because things just seem to be spiraling completely out of control?

Check your vibes. Have you been growing lately (Spiritually, mentally, emotionally)? Have you been bogged down by negativity? Have you been seeing things so positively that you distance yourself from those who are negative?

There’s a reason for it. You attract what you match. So if you’re unhappy with your circumstances – UP THAT VIBE. If you’re scared or unnerved by what’s happening – Recognize that life is changing to mold to what you’ve created. Are you ecstatic by all of the exciting changes? Good. Keep that vibe flowing. You’re only continuing to grow.

Out with the Old, In with the New – Leave old vibes in the past to make room for the new vibration you’ve created. If you redirect your focus on how absolutely wonderful and exciting it is and recognize your growth, these changes are far less scary.

With all that said, I hope you continue to boost your vibration and attract amazing new people, experiences and abundance into your life.

Thank you for being apart of my Journey and allowing me to be apart of yours.



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