• Brittany Luna

What Healing Means

As someone who is considered a “healer” in the Spiritual world, I receive many requests from clients who have expectations of what a healer actually does, and what healing actually means.

Healing is not a cure for anything. By definition, to cure means to relieve someone of their symptoms of a disease. But where did the disease come from to begin with? Of course our lifestyle, DNA, and family history come into play. But how, why? The science can only answer so much; whereas the energy of our body can give us more insight into those unanswered questions.

We can’t truly heal ourselves or others without breaking down the root cause of the disease to begin with – the emotion, the mentality, the beliefs we have about ourselves and the world around us. We aren’t just physical beings. We are so much more. And to heal means to treat all aspects of ourselves.

Healers cannot just take away our diseases because we cannot take away a state of mind or belief. We can’t take away anxiety if someone’s not ready to live in the present and release fear of the unknown. We can’t take away reproductive issues in those unwilling to take a raw look at their relationships and find their personal power to know what they deserve. We can’t take away heartbreak, depression, stomach ulcers, or cancer.

What we can do is bring you to awareness. We can help you navigate those bottled up emotions as they come flooding to the surface.

I’m not saying energy healing doesn’t work, either. It works … and it works wonders.

When we receive energy healing, our body energy is brought back to its natural state allowing us to feel amazing physically, mentally/emotionally, and Spiritually. We can hold on to that feeling, that fresh new energy, or we can revert back to negative self-talk, beliefs that aren’t serving us, toxic environments without boundaries, etc.

Energy healing gives us opportunity. But it can’t take away the beliefs and realities we’ve already created in our minds if we’re not willing or ready to let them go. I find that the biggest hurdle in healing is to accept circumstances as they are.

To truly heal means to accept the reality of what is, but to know that it doesn’t have to be the reality of what’s to come. By doing so, we’re not living in the past, and we’re not focusing on the future so much that no one is living in the present. We’re here. Owning our realities, but not burdened by them; Shaping our future without fearing it; Letting go of the negative vibrations that physically manifest in our bodies as disease.

A healer’s purpose is to help you along that path. Only you can remove your obstacles. Only you can learn your lessons in growth and empowerment. Only you can truly heal yourself.

Peace, love and pixie dust!


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