• Brittany Luna

When The Magic Of Spirit Stops

I absolutely love that there are so many books, websites, blogs, podcasts, you NAME it, for people who are embarking on a spiritual journey. You can find literally anything – from how to connect to your intuition, how to heal from certain things, how to understand energy, how to be an empath, how to reach that spiritual enlightenment that so much of us strive to achieve.

You know what they don’t have, though?

Any literature or advice on what to do once you’ve accomplished, if not all, most of those things. You know how I know this?

Because I have had to work with my coach and with myself on figuring this crap out LOL.

Y'all know that I’ve obviously been on this quest for quite some time. As we all have. Part of it unconsciously, a rather large portion of it consciously, and with awareness. Putting in time and energy into my healing and my connection to the universe and spirit has been THE focal point of my life for 10 years now.

I’ve done heavy, heavy lifting in terms of what I’ve transmuted from what were toxic beliefs and things I was holding on to – I’ve gotten to know what works for me, what doesn’t; I’ve cut people out of my life, I’ve crossed fear thresholds and overcame the obstacles I created. I’ve learned to work with spirit, my intuition, to navigate my life in optimal ways. Healing is never pretty, but where I am at now is honestly quite picturesque. 

I’m happy. I’m healthy. I’m in a loving relationship. I have a dream job. I have a super fun, stellar business that I’m able to manage, too. I have perfected balancing my life so that not only do I juggle my two jobs and a relationship, but I have time to work out, to meditate, to connect to Spirit, to write, to cook, to have fun, spend time with friends, to do extra curriculars of my choice, to travel. I’m financially in a great position. I have zero drama. I have zero unhealthy stress. I have literally NO complaints. I have TWO black cats, you guys. I mean WHAT MORE COULD I ASK FOR?  

Yet I found myself sitting on my couch one day and sort of feeling … disconnected? And not from myself. I have spent a lot of time reconnecting and reintroducing myself to myself (and I shared a blog on that back in the winter).

The way I can describe it is that it felt like the really magical moments were gone that I used to get from Spirit. Like, you know when you first start getting signs or you first start receiving validation from your Guide and it’s like HOLY FREAKING SH** SPIRIT IS REAL, OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!

It was like every single moment was SO magical that I felt like the score to Practical Magic should be playing in the background every 2 hours. 

EVERYTHING was exciting.

And now things … weren’t?

I checked myself for gratitude adjustments (haha instead of an attitude adjustment). Was I being ungrateful? Was I a selfish little jerk that “woopdie do … Spirit” couldn’t impress me anymore?

Nope. I was, and continue, to always express my gratitude daily to Spirit, my Higher Power, the Universe. And I mean it, too. I’m not just like “thanks.”  I FEEL that gratitude with every fiber of my being and know that they have literally walked by my side every step of the way. 

So, lack of gratitude wasn’t a thing. 

I’m not unhappy.

I’m not over-worked because I have been an absolute tyrant about balancing my time and saying “no” even if it kills me inside. 

It’s not for lack of fun. I (or my boyfriend and I) schedule fun things and I make sure to plan fun and new things into my life.

So, what the HECK could it be? What could I possibly doing WRONG that has made it so I feel as of the magic in my life has completed dissipated? 


And then I decided to explore the way I was phrasing these thoughts. What if it’s not what I’m doing that’s wrong, but what I’m doing that’s right?

So, I waited. And I listened. And I waited. And I listened. And I talked. And I talked. And I waited. And I listened.

And BAM! It hit me. 

If you’ve been following our Journeys Instagram page (@journeyssoulschool) you know that I’m sharing quite a bit of manifesting stories, so this falls RIGHT into that.

For years, I prayed to my Guides and Higher Power that I would merge so fully with understanding spiritually and that my intuition and my connection to them would be so strong, that I would never have to second guess whether or not they were speaking to me—that we would literally operate as one unit and that I would completely, and utterly trust in them and the Universe and that silly human fears would not plague me. I would just know.

You know I completely forgot about that manifestation until my Guides literally showed me the visual of me writing it down one New Moon?

I got a bit welled up with tears, and I am a little bit now, because OMG. This is exactly what happened. 

For me, the connection to the universe, Spirit, my Higher Power, is so FIRST nature now, it’s such a NORMAL part of my existence, that I literally do not even raise an eyebrow to what I experience or hear. Every decision is just made before I have the chance to blink. I don’t sit and wonder anymore. I don’t wait and hope. It just is. 

I didn’t recognize it because for so long messages from Spirit came like a bat out of hell – I would DEEPLY feel it, I would hear it LOUDLY, I would SEE it vividly. It felt DIFFERENT than who I am. Like something else giving me the information. And that’s all fine and dandy because it’s great to know what’s what and who’s who, but for me that still came with a tiny hair of doubt when it came to making decisions for myself (never for others. MUCH easier to read others LOL). 

I wanted SUCH trust in what the universe had in store for me that I never, ever, ever, ever, EVER had to question it. 

Because isn’t that one of the goals of our spiritual journey? Learning to completely trust?

It’s not that the magic in my life is gone. It’s that the way I perceived things changed. Once I recognized that it was just a new way of being, I finally stopped judging myself for feeling like I lost some element of me, and everything came flooding back.

If anything, it was ten times more magical because HOLY SH**! What a GIFT to be able to be in a position to just trust that whatever happens, happens? To just know that each decision is either for or against my greatest and highest good? I’m INTO THAT lol.

I’m sharing this experience with you today because chances are, if you’re working on your spiritual growth and “enlightenment,” you’re eventually going to get to this place—or perhaps you’re already there!

And as I said, there’s no literature on THIS part of the journey! Only on the in between!

So, my suggestion to you is to reflect on how YOU have grown as a spiritual being; how you have changed in how you perceive energy and the way that spirit works with you. 

Chances are the magic hasn’t stopped – it’s just not as LOUD and earth shattering because they don’t have to work hard to get your attention anymore. And that is a wonderful thing!

Take some time to sit with yourself and with whomever it is you connect to in Spirit, whether that’s Guides, a Higher Power, your Higher Self, passed loved ones, elementals, you name it, and journal how you have grown over the last year. Write how your messages are received; how you know when something is right vs wrong. Notice how that’s shifted for you since you started and give yourself the space to recognize just how well you can and have been able to navigate your experiences with the help of your Guides! 

It’s not always what we’re doing wrong, my friends. It’s what we are doing that we simply haven’t recognized about ourselves yet.

And when it comes to those magical moments when we are learning and receiving validation, of course its super mind-blowing! But when you see it all the time, it’s kind of like, well duh, yeah, of course that’s how spirit is. It’s not taking away from the moments, it’s not that they aren’t exciting or something we’re grateful for anymore; but it becomes the new norm. 

So, my final message is not to go chasing old feelings if you’re in doubt of whether or not Spirit is still with you, but look at how your beliefs have changed over time. When things are mind-blowing it’s because they defy what we know to be true up until that point and we, frankly, need that POW moment to keep validating its existence. But once that belief is set that, “this is normal. This is real. This simply just is,” it changes quite a bit. Which validates in itself that perception shapes our reality. 

For those who are on this journey and struggling to FIND the magic in Spirit, remember that we all receive messages differently and that we all perceive energy differently. Start small with yourself. Asking for small signs and giving them a time frame in which to send the message. Remember this is a relationship and a new belief system that we have to build up. It's one thing to believe that Spirit is real but remember that we come from a world and a society where we are conditioned to see and experience in black and white -- we may want to believe in magic, but truly seeing all that is around us takes a new level of awareness that we were never taught, so cut yourself some slack if you're not there yet. You've got this and Spirit is ALL around you and willing to work with you -- no matter WHERE you are on this journey!

I hope whoever needed to find this, did. 

But then again, I trust I’m writing it for a reason :)

Sending you all love, light and oodles of abundance in all ways! 

As always, if you need anything, you know where to find me!



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