Tianna Glass Tripp

My name is Tianna and I am an intuitive reader, healer and master manifester!

I wasn't always in touch with my spiritual energy. While my family had a religious background, my parents didn't send me church with any sort of regularity. I knew there was something bigger out there, but being queer, I couldn't find my place with most major religions. 

The older I got, the more anxiety, depression and restlessness became bigger parts of my life. I didn't want to struggle and feel helpless the way many members of my family had. I wanted to learn how to manage my mental health and work with this greater force that was clearly trying to work with me. Do you ever know what you need to do, but avoid doing it? That was me. Hearing voices and being sent messages that were too clear to ignore, but I tried anyway. But eventually, it all became too much to ignore. When I picked up mindfulness, meditation and eventually my tarot cards, the voices chilled out. I gave them a way to talk to me and I began to listen.

I now believe that healing people and helping them take control of their life is one of my true callings. I can't believe that I denied this part of myself for so long! My sessions all boil down to three things: 

Affirmation, Validation, Manifestation.

These three words get results. Together they help us make more confident movements in our lives and reap every single seed we sow. But sometimes it's hard for us to see these three little words in ourselves. They get buried in the crevices of everyday life. They get silenced under other peoples' expectations of us, their insults, our own underconfidence and a million other things. I'll work with you to dig them up.

Email, call or text me to set up an individual reading. And keep an eye on our Facebook page for my seasonal manifestation/meditation event!

Services I Offer


Intuitive Tarot Readings

My readings are very conversational. I work with my Spirit Guides to talk to your Spirit Guides and together we have a high-vibe conversation all about you! While I use the tarot cards to jump-start the conversation, I mostly use the mental, visual and auditory messages that are given to me.

In compliance with WHO and CDC regulations, I will NOT be offering in-person sessions until further notice. ALL sessions will be held via phone or video conferencing.

20 minutes for $40

30 minutes for $60

40 minutes for $80

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